Sunday, November 3, 2013

Word Is Out

In the last two months since publication the response to my new book, Mahabharata: The Eternal Quest  has taken off. Word is getting around, and  I have even gotten orders from Ireland and Australia (from the world wide storytelling community which I am involved in) where they are paying as much for the shipping as they are for the book itself.  The verdict is that it’s a great read whether you’re familiar with the story or not.

 Sacinandana Swami had this to say -
“Wonderful!  Your storytelling art – which quickly gets to the essence of everything – has opened  the world of Mahabharata to me , for it has opened up the world of the feelings and emotions of Mahabharata.” 

At this time of year people are naturally thinking about gifts for the holidays. This month I am offering FREE shipping in USA for all orders placed in November. [adjusted the prices at my site for November: 1 Book – $16;    2 Books – $32;    3 Books – ONLY $45;  5 Books ONLY $70] For more info check out my site  where you can order through Paypal OR order directly from me at