Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Mahabharata On the Move

Mahabharata: The Eternal Quest, has received a tremendous response from readers, including great endorsements from professors, some of whom plan to use the book in their classrooms. As you may know, there is much controversy in academia  as to who Sri Krishna is and His role in the Mahabharata.  

In MahaTEQ I bring to bear my life’s work in theater and storytelling and tell the story in a cinematic, fascinating and thought provoking way.Without being didactic, the book offers an authentic Vaisnava perspective in the understanding of who Krishna is, of dharma, of real leadership qualities, and of the foreboding nature of our age, the Kali-yuga. All this as the story moves steadily forward, and in under 280 pages (a comfortable read for a college or even high school course).

My hope is that MahaTEQ  will eventually replace William Buck’s ambiguous rendition that so many professors are accustomed to using and that the book will be used in discussion groups, for dramatic readings, and ultimately as the basis for a film. This is what the Mahabharata Project is about.   

In this respect, I ask the help of the devotees. We are upon the season for gift giving and MahaTEQ would make a great gift for scholars, professors or for those special people you are cultivating. I request that you get copies for  these contacts or  encourage them to order a copy themselves.

I have a sale of MahaTEQ going on now which I am extending until the end of the year.  If you happen to be coming to New Vrindaban the book is only $11 (cover price $16). To read reviews or order copies (Free shipping) through Paypal go to www.Mahabharata-Project.com   OR  contact me directly at story108@juno.com

Thank you.