Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Author Looking for Theater Group

I am looking for a university theater dept. or regional theater company in USA that might be interested in staging an ensemble & storytelling orientated performance of Mahabharata, based on my book Mahabharata: The Eternal Quest. My background is also in theater and storytelling.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The Word Is Out!

The response to my new book Mahabharata: The Eternal Quest has been streaming in: 

“Wonderful! Your storytelling art – which quickly gets to the essence of everything – has opened the world of Mahabharata to me , for it has opened up the world of the feelings and emotions of Mahabharata.” Sacinandana Swami

"Got the books. Already finished the first chapter....really nice. Have a friend who teaches comparative religion classes at the University here, I'll give her a copy.” Trivikrama Swami, FL

"Reading your book! Such a great job – deep and flowing. You are truly gifted to share this profound story the way you have. Outstanding!” Krsnanandini Dasi, OH 

“Thank you Andy for this wonderful book. As I sit here reading I feel whole regions of my mind and heart awaken. Soul food for our times.”  Rasika Walkingfeather

“I could not put it down…. I am going to give it out to others who I think have an interest…. It’s a landmark work….. How difficult it must have been to reduce the volume of the text and not loose the threads of the story, nor the essence of the philosophy! Magnificent!” Josef Lauber

“I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for your unbelievable gift of Mahabharata:The Eternal Quest… I found myself picking it up only minutes after putting it down and reading it all in every spare moment I had…… a great telling of the classic…… When I came to the chapter where you condensed the teachings of the Bhagavad Gita, I found tears in my eyes. It was wonderful, concise, and exceptionally powerful.” Emil Sofsky

“Thank you for this engaging rendering of Mahabharata. You’ve performed a great service.” Dr Vicky Jenkins, IN 

"Wow, what a wonderful book. We just finished it this morning ... i'm sad it's over...we'll have to read it again!" Mohanasini Lighfoot

"I just finished reading Mahabharata. Wonderfully done. Except I started to do the math to calculate the years of Kali-yuga remaining and...think I'll just keep playing my flutes. Thank you a great read." Lou Boden

“Hare Krishna. May you live for many years and keep producing wonderful stories that lift the spirits of all who hear them. " Vegavati DD  

“The book has brought Stephanie and I so much joy, we couldn't put it down and read it to one another so we could both enjoy together. We also love the cover artwork. Our complements to the artist.” Luke Kopyar

“I am almost finished reading the book. Very mesmerizing.” Dheeraj Handa, CA 

“I couldn’t put it down.” Vidya DD 

“Andy Fraenkel’s Mahabharata is a transcendental experience on every page.” Steve Howard, CO

“The book and website look really good. I'm excited that this important subject is getting attention.” Roi in Israel

“Very well written. You have kept the meaning of Mahabharata and have given life to the major and minor personalities.” Appa Roa Gollamudi, Hyderabad, India

“His book is an incredible rendition of one of the oldest written books on the planet. I highly recommend it if you want to immerse yourself in the most amazing drama and intrigue ever recorded.” Darrell Martin, Blue Boy Herbs

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Krishna, The Joking God

Various religions often  talk about God's compassion, God's wrath and that God is just. But God, like everyone else, has a well rounded personality.  There is a lot  more to Him then these particular qualities. For instance, what  religious traditions describe how God likes to play jokes and tricks?  Today being April Fools Day, is an appropriate time to talk about this characteristic of God. Krishna is the supreme joke maker and trickster.  He and friends, both the gopies and cowherd boys, delight in playing jokes upon one another.  This is part of their loving, playful exchange.  Krishna is forever engaged in loving pastimes  with His devotees.

These activities are described in Krishna Book(Srimad Bhagavatam) and categorized in Nectar of Devotion. Sometimes the boys would come to Yasoda's house early in the morning and wait for Krishna while she got Him ready for the day. Mother Yasoda would call to one of them, "Visala, why don't you come over and help."  And when the boy came and bent down to put on Krishna's ankle bells, Krishna would playfully hit him with His flute. Descriptions of Krishna smiling and joking abound in both His childhood and adult pastimes.

Prabhupada is giving us a profound understanding of a personal God,  our dearmost Friend, and by doing so, inviting us to develop a love for that Supreme Person.

 Sankirtana das is author of Mahabarata: The Eternal Quest -