Friday, August 30, 2013

False Propaganda

 Some Indians have a superstition about keeping Mahabharata in their homes because it contains so much violence and is the story of a feuding  family. They don’t want to have that type of energy in their houses.  One Indian gentleman who expressed this was with his teenaged kids. I had just showed him my new book Mahabharata: The Eternal Quest. I asked the kids what type of reading material they keep in the house. They mentioned Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, and a couple of other books that have violent or sexual content. I pointed out the apparent discrepancy – “You are keeping these books in the house, but object to Mahabharata?”  

I explained how there has always been false propaganda in society, and gave the example that many people think  Obama is a Moslem and that he was born in Kenya. There’s even a false Kenyan birth certificate circulating the internet. But the strange thing is that the Kenyan document is dated several years before the country was even named Kenya.   I mentioned that in the end of Mahabharata, Vyasa, the author himself, declares that one should keep the text in a special place in the house and wrap it in a silken cloth to remind one of how valuable it is. Why not believe the author rather than some superstition. The gentleman took out his wallet and purchased Mahabharata: The Eternal Quest.   

Also, there are several professors who plan to use the book in their college courses.

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