Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Praise for Mahabharata:The Eternal Quest

Second anniversary of  my award-winning book is coming up. Below is praise from around ISKCON Also hailed by scholars from around the USA -  see more at  www.mahabharata-project.com


“Wonderful! Your storytelling art – which quickly gets to the essence of everything – has opened the world of Mahabharata to me , for it has opened up the world of the feelings and emotions of Mahabharata.” Sacinandana Swami

“Got the books. Already finished the first chapter....really nice. Have a friend who teaches comparative religion classes at the University here, I'll give her a copy.” Trivikrama Swami, FL

“Andy Fraenkel's very readable and insightful narrative allows immediate entrance into the Mahabharata, an epic known for its inscrutability. His deliciously distinct version of this martial text conjures up images of an ancient storyteller, sitting at a campfire surrounded by listeners who rightfully hang on his every word. Not to be missed!” --Steven J. Rosen (Satyaraja Dasa), author of 31 books & founding editor of the Journal of Vaishnava Studies,  www.sjrosen.com

“Andy Fraenkel provides us with a remarkable story in his adaptation of Mahabharata. . . He captures the essence of the epic and relates the unfolding action in a most interesting and exciting way.”  Stephen Knapp, Author (Books on India’s ancient Vedic culture)& founder of Vedic Friends Association,   http://www.vedicfriends.org

“Such a great job – deep and flowing. You are truly gifted to share this profound story the way you have. Outstanding!” Krsnanandini Dasi, Author & Workshop Leader

“(This is) The first Mahabharata I can read aloud, placing me in the drama with Krishna, Arjuna, et al. Andy Fraenkel is today’s Sanjaya, the Gita’s reteller and seer of the Kuruksetra War. The book is lyrical.  I am reminded of the verse in CC Adi-lila 1:106 -  ‘Essential truth spoken concisely is true eloquence.’ The path to transcendence has never been brighter!” Suresvara Das, Workshop Leader

This book is an incredible rendition of one of the oldest written books on the planet. I highly recommend it if you want to immerse yourself in the most amazing drama and intrigue ever recorded.” Darrell Martin, Blue Boy Herbs,