Thursday, January 30, 2014

The Power of Story (2)

In a letter of March 18, 1971 Prabhupada writes, “So when they will read Krsna book, certainly they will enjoy this as a story or as philosophy, morality, religion, etc. and gradually they will become perfect in Krsna consciousness.”
Just like Prabhupada in his presentation of Krsna Book, the idea behind storytelling is to weave story and philosophy together to make it both an entertaining and enlightening experience for the reader. The storyteller, according to the audience, has to determine the right mix of story and philosophy. What would be the appropriate balance for your audience to be engaged. See what is the major point of the story. Look for one or two additional points.
Storytelling is not a platform to convince the listener. Rather, we want the listener to open their minds and get absorbed in the dynamics of the story and  “enjoy” the story. The listener should walk away with a satisfying experience. Prabhupada concludes that  “gradually they will become perfect in Krsna consciousness.” 

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