Monday, December 10, 2007

Storytelling - Written and Spoken - For All Ages

My Holiday Sale

All items below are written and produced by yours truly , recipient of WV 2005 Artist Fellowship Award.

Shipping in USA is $3 for 1st item and $1 for each additional item, or $5.00 max on one order. Contact me at

***1) The Fish Who Wouldn't Stop Growing And Other Wisdom Stories From Ancient India ( 12 Stories) - Book $8

Internationally acclaimed storyteller Laura Simms calls it "A marvelous collection of stories resplendent with meaning, pathos, and joy."

***2) Sacred Voices - stories & meditations from sacred traditions w/music - CD $7

"Your Sacred Voices CD is a treasure. I love your voice." Jennifer Rudick, Storyteller & Workshop Leader

***3) Mahabharata - Story Concert of India's Ancient Epic w/music - Cassette $7

"Your Mahabharata has created a long lasting impression on our minds." Koti Sree Krishna, Hindu Society of Greater Cincinnatti

And Stories To Grow By Booklet Series

Shipping in USA, if only ordering items 4 thru 6, is $2 for 1st item and $1 for 2nd and/or 3rd item, or $3.00 max on order for all three.

***4) Flying Turtles & Frightened Elephants - 7 Stories of Wit & Wisdom From Many Lands (for grades 1 - 3) - $4

***5) The Magic Horn & Other Tales of Enchantment (six stories for grades 3 - 6) - $4

***6) Rime Of The Ancient Mariner - An exciting retelling of Coleridge's epic w/some of Coleridge's original poem sprinkled throughout. I've performed my story version to student's in 5th grade and up with tremendous response. Poem is usually studied in 11th or 12th grade - $4

"What a wonderful collection of stories! Storytellers, librarians, parents, grandparents, and more will be drawn to the simple yet direct style of how the stories are told. What I've seen in other collections doesn't compare to the manner presented here. I would highly recommend this collection to anyone." Kathy Maron-Wood, Senior Librarian, Children's Dept,Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh

"This collection of stories is a rich treasure trove of traditional folktales crafted in a way that a child or young reader would want to hear them. The words lift up off the page like the sun rising in one of the stories. I recommend that you take these tales, spend a quiet evening with your kids, and watch the stories come alive." Kevin D. Cordi, Author, Teacher & National Co-Chair of Youth Storytelling Network

"These stories are wonderful, uniting the familiar rhythm of the folktale with liveliness and humor. The author's talent as a performer comes through in these stories, and it is easy to imagine that children would be entranced by hearing or reading these tales. I'm impressed with the author's selection of tales and with the polished nature of his narration." Dr. Julie Pfeiffer, Dept of English, Hollins University, Va.

And also available -

***7) Coaching On Writing, Theater & Storytelling - Hone your writing or performance skills - help with rehearsal techniques, strenghtening the voice, refining your performance or writing, promoting yourself - all at non-stress rates. Have also worked with high school and college students.

"Sankirtana Das is my storytelling guru." Sacinandana Swami