Saturday, August 11, 2007


In Pursuit of Story: Coaching with Sankirtana Das

For writers, actors, storytellers, students and anyone wanting to explore
the use of STORY in their field:
*Guidance from the page to the stage
*Dramatic tension in performance & writing
*Help in refining your writing
*Voice and relaxation work
*Get proven rehearsal techniques under your belt
*Creativity through STORY

Sankirtana offers five hours of individual tele-coaching for $60, OR a six week intensive course with weekly tele-conferencing sessions for a group, long with individual coaching - about 20 hours of instruction, guiding you on a project of your choice - for the low cost of $125. Course limited to six.

For many years Sankirtana Das was involved in writing and performing devotional dramas, touring to temples, colleges and Off B’way. Today he continues to travel widely offering multicultural storytelling programs and workshops for schools, colleges, museums, churches and special events. He is a 2005 recipient of a WV Artist Fellowship Award. Also see his site at



Sankirtana Das is my storytelling guru." Sacinandana Swami

"The success of RCC 2000 was in no small part due to your marvelous workshop sessions." Dave Pomeroy, Religious Communications Congress 2000

"Sankirtana Das is a gold mine for anyone digging in the storytelling field. In addition, he is well equipped to provide the necessary tools for any prospector of tales. He has been my storytelling coach over the past ten years and has helped me tremendously. I have attended his workshops and have received private instruction as well. He offers a mix of humor, honest constructive criticism and knowledge of the art of storytelling. I enthusiastically recommend his services for anyone interested in developing their storytelling and writing skills." Kripamaya Das, Musician/Storyteller, West Virginia

"Although I’ve been writing and periodically telling stories for years, Sankirtana’s expert guidance has taken my creative abilities to a whole other level. His mentorship has been invaluable.Over two decades of performing, writing, and teaching have given Sankirtana the insight a master has of his subject, inside out and outside in. He recently helped this attached writer to learn to edit her work from an initially wordy and heavy script into an effective and fast moving tale that sacrificed none of the emotional content. What a difference this process has made in my ability to communicate in a compact and effective manner. THANK-YOU SANKIRTANA SOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!" Harinam DD, Storyteller/Writer, Flordia

"Over the years, Sankirtana’s coaching led to my landing parts and also getting into college, where I studied acting. More importantly, he was the first to introduce me to the concept of technique and stress its importance, in turn helping to shape my approach to all my work." Halavah Sofsky, Actor/Filmmaker, NYC

"I received many positive comments from the leadership team and others who attended your workshop." Jeff Lacaria, Conference Council On Ministeries, United Methodist Church, WV